Tuesday, December 23, 2008

@ 8 months: Show me your war face

Looking vicious: Bailey and Jay.

They both love the snow...romping in it, nosing in it, eating it, wrestling in it.

After more than half-an-hour, they still want more.

@ 8 months: Bailey luvs rugs

Bailey luvs rugs, period. This rug comes from my in-laws. He has one just like it at their place. As soon as it arrived, he sniffed it enthusiastically, laid down on it, gave it a bit of a thrashing, and proceeded to make it his favorite spot in the living room.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

@ 8 months: Bailey luvs suitcase beds

We were packing for Thanksgiving and an open suitcase got placed in a spot where we usually put Bailey's pet bed. Bailey immediately climbed in and started to get cozy. We laughed, he got confused as to why we were making such a big fuss and got out of the suitcase, but then we put him back in the suitcase, and then we took pictures (yes, these photos are somewhat staged).

We would have liked to bring him, but while sleeping inside a suitcase is probably fun, traveling inside of one probably is not. Instead, he got to stay with my in-laws and he had a grand old time that weekend.

@ 8 months: Bailey luvs his new skull recycled rug

Bailey prefers to lay down on rugs than on our hardwood floors. So at this year's DIY Trunk Show in Chicago's Pulaski Park Auditorium, we bought this lovely rug for Bailey from: Emily Kircher, Recycling Artist. She recycles fabric, china/ceramics, bottlecaps, and other materials into rugs, mosaic works, and bottlecap accessories. You can learn more at her blog, and purchase items at her Etsy storefront. And if you're new to Etsy, learn about it here.

Bailey strikes a GQ pose.
If I were a real photographer, I would have moved the bags of dog food and the Crate and Barrel bag out of the background.

GQ Bailey #2.

We couldn't get a good GQ Bailey pose that also showcased the nice skull, so here is Bailey making a quizzical face. Anyway, Visit Emily's site, and perhaps Bailey may make an appearance there as well.

@ 7 months: Bailey luvs to quietly contemplate at the window

Sunday, October 19, 2008

@ 7 months: Baileys for Obama

Bailey looks toward the future: he can't vote (even in Chicago) but he supports the Obama-Biden ticket. And it's not just because Michelle Obama announced that the family's first dog will be a rescue dog! He likes Obama's policies on government accountability and transparency, foreign affairs, education, public service, healthcare, taxes, government spending, and energy independence.

Bailey luvs the car 2

More photos of Bailey in the car:

Handsome Bailey profile.

Yawning Bailey.


Serious Bailey by the car wash.

Happy Bailey by the car wash!

Aerodynamic Bailey.

More happy Bailey.

Bailey says: my favorite movie is Cujo.
Sometimes Bailey just likes to hang out on the floor and make scary faces...

...or happy faces.

I wanted to see what Bailey looks like from outside the car. Pretty cute.

Bailey tries to get out of the car.

@ 6 months: a dapper dog

We're going to switch our post titling to coincide with Bailey's age...so Bailey is approximately 6 months old here. We're not into full costumes for pets, but a bowtie just can't be passed up, especially for a dog who wears a full suit all the time.

Strange sleeping position #08

Finally, we capture the "flying squirrel" sleeping position.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 16 - Bailey luvs the car

Bailey LOVES riding in the car. He likes hanging out the window, he likes trying to climb out the window, and he likes going to all the fun places we take him (he doesn't seem to mind the vet, either).

We need to shoot this one again, but here's a blurry photo of Bailey looking super happy. Sometimes we think he tries to bite the wind.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 11 - Guest starring TIlly!

This is Tilly, my friend's cocker spaniel! We watched her one weekend, which Bailey found to be pretty cool.

This happened a lot: Bailey in play stance, Tilly looking not very interested.

Bailey: sniff, play with me?

Bailey: play with me! (and paw at Tilly, who is more interested in lounging on the cool floor)

Bailey: play with me, please?

Bailey: PLEASE? (accompanied by lots more pawing)

Bailey settles for chewing on his lion.

Tilly really likes having the high ground. This happened a lot: Tilly on the bench, Bailey looking up longingly.

The two eye each other suspiciously.

Bailey finally settles for chewing on his lion, and Tilly is sufficiently satisfied that she won't be bugged for a while.

Tilly has a Pavlovian response to anyone doing anything in the kitchen and follows you around whenever you're in that area. Of course Bailey tags along.

But they both like looking out the window.

How cute.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week 11 - Still going for the water fountains

Bailey still LOVES the water fountains, although the little guy still can't reach the water on his own. But at least now he's tall enough so that he can get a good grip on the fountain instead of running, jumping, slamming into the fountain, and falling flat on his back.

We don't mind having to pick him up, but it's admittedly easier to do this with a 9-lb. dog than with a 25-lb. dog.

Week 11 - Like a little cow

Bailey looks like a little cow in the grass. Like a little cow that hunts for sticks to chew. He's going through cycles where he gets a little roly-poly for a few days, then gets lean again.

Weeks 10 & 11 - sleeping arrangements

Finally, we were able to document Bailey's customized bed.

Although this is just ridiculous.

He's also started this under-cushion arrangement.

And, sometimes Bailey just likes sleeping in the crate now.