Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

@ 19 months: Bailey luvs pumpkins and the dog park

Bailey enjoys a good sniff around the pumpkin lot.

He can be good at sitting and staying now, however he looks rather disgruntled about having to pose with the pumpkins:

In fact, he is so miserable that he has to lie down:

Soooooo sad:

You wonder what would make him so sad. Maybe it's because he'd rather be on his way to...the dog park!

Bailey almost always picks one playmate who he hangs out with the whole time. Today, he had sort of a buffet of play: first he ran around and wrestled with a 4.5-month-old yellow lab mix (who was already a bit bigger than him), then he ran around with a whole bunch of dogs, and eventually he found this puppy and they wrestled and wrestled and wrestled:

A half-hour at the pumpkin lot, and an hour-and-a-half at the dog park. It was a good day.

@ 18 months: Bailey does not luv loud noises

We were moving some wiring one evening. Bailey cowered in this corner of the living room to get away from the horrific drilling noises coming from the basement.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

@ 18 months: Bailey luvs a good lookout point

Now that Bailey's hips are better, he's taken to this lookout point on the stairs, since he can curl up and fit on the step. We're told his brother Jay has been doing this for a while.

@17 months: a Bailey head in the stairwell

@ 17 months: Bailey luvs the Bucktown Arts Fest

The Bucktown Arts Fest literally happens right in front of our house. This year, we found Bailey enjoys the view from the roof deck.

Bailey surveys the terrain:

Bailey needs a little bit of a boost:

Bailey happy in the sun (sort of...eventually he gets hot and takes shelter in the shade of the table):

Hello, lady-with-bag:

Hello, small-dog-in-jacket:

Bailey stalks the fest:

Happy on the midway:

On to the rest of Bailey's 1.5 mile walk. Notice his coat is coming in nicely.

Bailey likes this nice white dog. We do too. He is HUGE. And very friendly.