Sunday, October 19, 2008

@ 7 months: Baileys for Obama

Bailey looks toward the future: he can't vote (even in Chicago) but he supports the Obama-Biden ticket. And it's not just because Michelle Obama announced that the family's first dog will be a rescue dog! He likes Obama's policies on government accountability and transparency, foreign affairs, education, public service, healthcare, taxes, government spending, and energy independence.

Bailey luvs the car 2

More photos of Bailey in the car:

Handsome Bailey profile.

Yawning Bailey.


Serious Bailey by the car wash.

Happy Bailey by the car wash!

Aerodynamic Bailey.

More happy Bailey.

Bailey says: my favorite movie is Cujo.
Sometimes Bailey just likes to hang out on the floor and make scary faces...

...or happy faces.

I wanted to see what Bailey looks like from outside the car. Pretty cute.

Bailey tries to get out of the car.

@ 6 months: a dapper dog

We're going to switch our post titling to coincide with Bailey's Bailey is approximately 6 months old here. We're not into full costumes for pets, but a bowtie just can't be passed up, especially for a dog who wears a full suit all the time.

Strange sleeping position #08

Finally, we capture the "flying squirrel" sleeping position.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 16 - Bailey luvs the car

Bailey LOVES riding in the car. He likes hanging out the window, he likes trying to climb out the window, and he likes going to all the fun places we take him (he doesn't seem to mind the vet, either).

We need to shoot this one again, but here's a blurry photo of Bailey looking super happy. Sometimes we think he tries to bite the wind.