Friday, September 30, 2011

Tilly Kitchen Watching Time: cereal

This evening, we feature cereal. Tilly will also silently watch you eat the cereal. Why do you deny her the delectable cereal?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

@ 3 years, 6 months, Bailey luvs walks with Tilly

My two handsome guys:
Tilly and Bailey await treats:
Happy Bailey & Tilly on a beautiful, sunny day:

Just a photo to document the really beautiful day it was:
Two cuties:
The evening saw some running around in the park, where Tilly scored and dug into a small apple before we could stop her (of course I took a photo first):
Happy Tilly in the park, and on the walk:

Happy Bailey after the walk, where he reminds me of his brother Jay in this post:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

@ 3 years, 6 months: hanging with Tilly weekend #2

Kind of a low-key weekend. Tilly likes hanging out by me when I'm at my desk. Sometimes she likes hanging out under the desk:
Usually she lies down on the floor nearby:
Tilly often stands up on me to get my attention, which is rather cute. She did this one of her first nights, which I interpreted as a request to get me to go to bed:
Sometimes she brings a ball with her and chews on it on my leg, which is the international gesture for please-play-fetch:
Saturday movie night and we could no longer resist letting the cuddle-sized friend up on the couch. To be fair, we then had to let up the less-cuddle-sized friend as well:

Sunday breakfast and I can't get them to look at me, because they're fixated on the other one who goes into the cafe and comes back with delicious things. He is The Food Bringer:

Tilly is focused on The Food Bringer's mocha:

Bailey thinks his odds are good with me:

Food is still Tilly's priority, but Bailey spots something better...

...a puppy (you can catch a glimpse of puppy rump in the top right corner here):

Eventually, a table-ful of food is too hard to resist:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tilly guest blogging: Tilly Kitchen Watching Time

It's another episode of Tilly Kitchen Watching Time. Tonight, we feature tofu poppers in marinara sauce. I explained to her that there's not even any meat in it, but it doesn't matter; she's fixated:

Monday, September 19, 2011

@ 3 years, 6 months: the very latest in Bedding Designs By Bailey

It's another rendition of the bed-blanket:

@ 3 years, 6 months: Tilly the house guest

It's Tilly! (Here being tempted by a piece of cinnamon roll—purely for photography purposes.)
We'll actually be watching Tilly for 1–2 months for our friends who are on a round-the-world trip. We started off the first weekend with some al fresco breakfast. Here, Bailey and Tilly are fixated on a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich:
They're so engrossed, neither of them notices the second bacon-egg-cheese sandwich over here:
Sunday morning's walk took us to the nearby park. Tilly is a surprisingly strong puller:
She loves fetch, which is a nice change of pace, because Bailey often thinks fetch = keep-away. Today, she did a lot of fetching while Bailey did some laps around the park.
Tilly's tastiness-seeking nose occasionally reminds her that a tasty piece of dried chicken is on the sideboard. She whimpers at it, stares at it, and sometimes stands up like a circus dog to get a better whiff of it:
Buddies relaxing together: