Thursday, March 12, 2009

@ 11 months: Bailey luvs cushy surfaces everywhere

Bailey believes in having a cushy backrest as well as a cushy seat. He will drag his cushion around and create these little lounge areas. We suspect he wants us to upholster the entire house.

Strange sleeping position #09: the mid-gallop

This is something new. Bailey has had only curled-up-on-the-one-side-that-doesn't-hurt sleeping positions for the last few months. We kind of wonder if he'll be able to do the flying squirrel after his hips heal.

@ 11 months: two bad things that don't go great together

This is how Bailey looked when he had to both wear the cone, and be confined to the crate:

But this looks more like how he felt (scary creepy eyes!):

Fortunately it didn't take long for Bailey to learn the lick stitches = get the cone connection and he didn't need to wear it outside of the first week.