Saturday, May 22, 2010

@ 2 years, 2 months: Bailey wants to luv the Sunnyvale Farmers' Market

It's a nice 1.2 mile-long walk to the Sunnyvale Farmers' Market from where we are. Happy dog on a walk:

Bailey's prancy walk in mid-stride:

Why smell flowers when you can smell tree trunks?

Are you still there?

At last we reach our destination:

So tragic:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

@ 2 years, 2 months: Bailey luvs San Francisco

Finally, after 4 months in California, we get a chance to take Bailey to San Francisco, which, guess what, is where Tilly's owner have moved! Bailey definitely remembered Tilly.

Bailey and Tilly at the Corona Heights dog park:

Bailey and Tilly as we walk to brunch; wonder what Bailey thinks is so delicious:

Maybe it's this lovely brunch of buckwheat pancakes, fruit, asparagus-shitake omelet, and bloody mary at Tangerine in the Mission:

A hungry Bailey monster in the shadows:

Fixated on a treat in Mission Dolores Park:

Rewarded with a treat:

Bailey going after the empty hot chocolate cup:

Someone was getting too enthusiastic about the empty hot chocolate cup and it had to be discarded. Bailey looks longingly after his favorite person who is throwing away the hot chocolate cup:

Bailey and Tilly think they should get to visit all the open-air seating restaurants:

Looking cute in the city:

Getting to hang out at a bar. San Francisco is cool like that.

Bailey had on his serious face today:

Serious face while sitting cute:

More seriousness:

Wondering what the other bar patrons are up to:

Wondering when we will get to do something more exciting:

Bailey meeting a brown dog:

Bailey meeting another brown dog just a few feet away. There are many dog friends to meet in San Francisco. Apparently this is Rowdy:

Bailey making sure you're still there:

Bailey and yet another dog friend:

Bailey in the Castro:

Bailey meeting two dog friends at the same time:

Happy trotting dog:

San Francisco sure is hilly:

Bailey attempted to enter almost every single residential door/entryway we passed. He must want to live in the city. We don't blame him.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

@ 2 years, 1 month: more wedding favor treat torture

There are more shapes! This is a dog house-shaped treat.