Sunday, October 30, 2011

@ 3 years, 7 months: Bailey & Tilly at the dog park

We decided to take the two buddies to a dog park this weekend. They thoroughly enjoyed their two correspondingly favorite activities: fetch, and wrestling with puppies.

Tilly finally gets in some un-interrupted fetch (unfortunately, fetch with Tilly in the house consists of Bailey suddenly taking an interest in fetching, muscling in, and taking over all the action):

A friendly terrier friend:
Tilly looking cute:
Bailey finds his wrestling partner for the day:
Tilly looking cute and doing some more fetch while the crazy boys go at it:
Tilly gets tired and takes a break:
Still going at it.
Wow...this photo looks a lot like this one from a previous post:
Still taking a break:
...and still going at it:
Tilly just waits out the craziness going on in the background:
Attempting to grab a not-too-blurry photo of our pal:
Someone came home very dusty and very sandy, and very, very happy:

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